Justin Timberlake Came Back with New Album

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After a long vacuum in the music zone, Justin Timberlake (31), a former personnel boyband N Sync's writing on social networking account, that soon release new songs. Justin Timberlake manages to look more casual and impressive with a solo career.

The news is getting stuck on the new song, a collaboration with Justin rapper Jay-Z and Timbaland, producer Justin subscription. The last time Justin released the album "FutureSex / LoveSounds" in seven years ago. After that, Justin, more often starred in the movie.

This recording became the first recording after the album "FutureSex / LoveSounds" in 2006. From the album managed to make the song SexyBack Justin and What Goes Around ... Comes Around. But, until now there is no certainty when the album will be launched.

Some artists are born with charisma and powerful energy. They can make great music. Now everyone is talking about how to win the chart and do something different. Justin and his producer confident of being able to beat the other great singers.

Samuel Kurnianta
Justin Timberlake Came Back with New Album - written by Samuel Kurnianta , published at 6:30 PM, categorized as Music News , Music Zone , Pop Music , Sing , Songs . And have 0 comments
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