Tips for Making a Good Song


Making a good song and good at hearing it was not as easy as we imagine, sometimes we have a good intro, but weak in the reff, or strong in the lyrics but confused sets the tone. Moreover, our mood depends on the mood, maybe any of you experienced anything like that. Now its time, I want to for tips for making a good song, hopefully could be a reference in creating the song, because I think the song is good or bad is relative, when we said good is not necessarily someone else of the same opinion.

 creating song


Think of a theme or title of what would be my friend wrote in the song, such as the theme of love or social themes, essence Do poor theme. You can take reference from another band or artist the most important song that must have a story, can be from a story around us, personal experience, or just a mirage. Take your paper and try to write down what you hear or feel and think.


Finding the beginning of a song or melody tones are most easily can mate try from first base key tone, like the key of C, G, AM, F, E, A etc. From the last chord is formed tone or melody can be used as an intro to my friend and reff. Keep your imagination come into play when the tone of the chord basis, this allows the rhythm of the chord may progress and not monotonous.


In making a good song lyric was not to be poetic, that needs to be emphasized here is the lyric that could convey the message of his song to the listener. Strength lyric can not take for granted, is what distinguishes good at hearing the song or not, so my advice would multiply Vocabulary, can pass read novels, newspapers or anything that could hone skills in processing my friend's words.


Average of all the songs that became hits made and usually highlight the reff of the song itself is very powerful and create captivated hearts. This is because the reff who usually wait for music listeners to judge whether the song is good or not. You often hear people on the go and sing the song the singer is only the reff its course? and to make a good reff is usually determined tone of the song itself, so let the song flow as it is and it'll come reff will be created by itself.


Do not attempt to interpret it as a song a good song filled with a variety of instruments. Just with any guitar song can sound good. Not that too rich sound, and that needs to be addressed here is to match the song with instruments yan at play, if only with a guitar song already sounded good, so no need to add other sounds.

I am writing this is to share the personal experiences that have felt how giddy it makes the song that represents the mood of the moment, so please understand if here and there are still many shortcomings. If any of his other great tips will surely give.

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