History of Sonata As a Form of Classical Music

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The term comes from the Italian sonata = sonare or sounare, which means ring or play. Sonata is one of the single parts. There are several terms related but looks to overlap. First, the sonata is a multi-part forms of instrumental music that consists of three or four sub-sections up to five parts. In the first part of the fast tempo, the second slow, the third part minuet and trio, and a fourth part of the cover quickly.

As a form of a single piece, a sonata form applied in various compositions solo, chamber music, ensembles, and orchestras. Form sonatas are often used in the first multi-part composition.

The pattern of sonata form appears in the works of Haydn and Beethoven instrumental. Works of Gabrieli sonatas, Hayd, Pasquini, Tartini, bach, Turinin, Lizt, Hindemith, Prokofiev Domenico Scarlattim and are different from each other but instrumental sonatas remain an absolute masterpiece, has a function, and consists of several parts that contrast.

Terms such as a trio, quartet, quintet, adala etc. sonata involving more than two people. In the works of Renaissance and Baroque sonatas ever used the term replaced by some other term in turns.

Partita, lesson, suites and ordre is a form of the same work and is the most important form of instrumental music at the beginning of the 17th century. In earlier times, always refer to the instrumental music vocal music.

Determination of the relative and Chord, the keys are clear as dominant, sub-dominant, and the relative major and minor are prerequisites for a form that contrasts tonal centers as patterned contrasting melodies. Sonata-allegro form changes to Vinnese School, through three steps, ie starting from the Baroque, smoking, and Classical.

After moving to the rococo baroque and classical sonata character changed drastically, creativity center moved from Italy to Germany, and later became a piano harpsichord replacing violin as an instrument

Canzona for organ works titled Cavazzoni Faulte d'Argens (1542-43), based on the theme of chanson, Faulte d'Argent works des Pres. From the year 1580, and Canzona shape often used for this type of enssambel instrumental. While the first use of the sonata as a title can be found in the Sonata per Liuto (1561) from the Italian lute player, Giacomo Gorzanis often at identical with Tairan set-dancing pairs.
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