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Prelude is the beginning / opening of the art of classical music. This terminology is known since the 17th century, as an opening collection of other types of traditional dances in Europe. In today's popular music, usually preceded by the introduction and ends with a Coda. Although it is an ancient genre, until now, several composers still use these terms to mean different, but basically the same, namely the opener.
The types of music that exist in the world are grouped based on similar general characteristics (genre), function, and geography. Geographically divided music into Western music are synonymous with European countries, and Eastern music in Asia and the Middle East certainly has a variant that very much.

Of the various groupings that exist, generally the music in the world can be classified into three types: traditional music, musical entertainment and serious music or classical music. Creativity and creation of traditional music performances are limited by the norms prevailing in a culture that has kuatl local cultural traits. Music traditions can be recognized based on geographical boundaries and ethnicity.

At this time the music entertainment is the most popular music among modern society and youth. If we are critical, the real entertainment music creativity is limited by people's tastes or the tastes of the music market. From an economic perspective music is a form of entertainment industry, where success is determined by musical entertainment sales promotion. To achieve success, managers need to understand the tastes of music entertainment market in force.

Characteristic refers to musical entertainment from the diatonic system of western music while local characteristics are generally dominated by aspects of the language. However, traditional societies also have musical entertainment musical idiom that refers to the culture.

Of the various types of musical entertainment is also considering the aspects of high creativity and independent of vocal music, and did not fully follow the tastes of the public, namely jazz. Jazz priority on creativity in the form improv games for all players of instruments and the vocalist. And serious music have greater artistic freedom than the musical entertainment.

Many people say that classical music is always to use an acoustic instrument. Actually the flow of electric musical compositions in classical music began before the invention of the synthesizer, with tape loops and electric musical instruments. Many of the composers did not rely on the development of technologies but utilize technological advances to sealu work and creativity.

In the present era, orchestral music in the trust as a standard formation in the classical music business. General knowledge of orchestral instruments such as classification, need to be understood. In fact formations that develop in society is precisely solo instruments and vocals.
Preamble Classical Music Art 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta Prelude is the beginning / opening of the art of classical music. This terminology is known since the 17th century, as an opening collection...

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