Cello Accessories - Musical Instrument

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There are many accessories in the instrument cello, (which some of them more important than others).
  • Box / crate is used to protect the cello and bow when we are traveling, and for storage security.
  • Gala made ​​of wood resins, used in hair bows to enhance the effectiveness of the friction, grip or grip, and produce better sound yan.
  • Endpin stop keeping prop cello endpin not slide when it does not have the rubber underneath (used on wood floors).
  • Wolf tone eliminators are sometimes placed on cello strings between the tip and the bridge with the aim of eliminating the acoustic sounds odd what is known as wolf tones or "wolf".
  • Mute is used to change the sound of the cello by reducing overtones. Mute (made of metal) significantly reduce the volume of cello.
  • Metronome presents a fixed tempo with the sound of a number of beats per minute. Many types of metronome that can be used to set the tone A4 (440Hz).
  • Humidifiers are used to control and stabilize the humidity inside and outside the cello section, many used the cellist a lot.
  • Tuner is used to tune the instrument.
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