The Art of Non-Classical Music

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Increased non-classical music appreciation and apresiation against the entertainment world will open up new opportunities growing professions in the entertainment world (popular music). That opportunity has been used by the industry, both related to the world of performance management and other industries. These opportunities will surely bring benefits:
  • Improving people's appreciation of the art of non-classical music (popular).
  • Competition among musical groups, which in turn affects the competitive attitude of professionalism in the field.
  • In connection with the world of show business, which led to the recording industry economic movement.
Non-Classical MusicNon-classical music is a very wide range of musical life in general. It should be understood that the formal definition will fail to explain clearly. The general meaning of non classical music is popular music, with the band as a form of expression, so in this book presented a wide range of exercises, songs, style and character of each instrument in the band.

The scope of the art of non-classical music is the knowledge of musical instruments, including every character-ins such as music instrumen compass / ambitus and structure of musical instruments.

One's musical ability can be detected through its ability to play music. Although music theory is not one of competence required by the Non-Classical Music is very important but kemmapuan controlled. Music theory needs to be recognized as a means to facilitate the playing of music.

Ability to master the theory of music in the game is actually very attached to the instrument and the need for each instrument is not the same.

Samuel Kurnianta
The Art of Non-Classical Music - written by Samuel Kurnianta , published at 6:35 PM, categorized as Bands , Education Music , Non-Classical Music . And have 0 comments
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