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Chain Best Absolute Perfect (BAP) was selected as the most creative boyband this year. Yong Guk, Zelo and his colleagues will receive the award at the event held Korea CEO Summit and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of South Korea. Sixth personnel BAP gets somewhat special gift. They will be the brand of the four brands of industrial design, industrial culture, industrial fusion, and South Korean health industry.

Age BAP is still less than a year, but they managed to topped the iTunes hip hop charts in the United States. BAP also swept a total of 13 rookie award or awards to the latest arrivals throughout Asia, Europe, and America.

That means more BAP successfully globalize K-pop. More recently, the group singer 'Warrior' and 'One Shot' has also recently completed a world tour in America.

BAP successful comeback with their latest album, First Sensibility. The album managed to dominate the top spot in the iTunes sales of the song several countries. Daehyun, Jongyup, Yonggyuk, Zelo, Yongjae, and Himchan prove that the songs do not remain acceptable fierce fan of BAP.

Boyband BAP was initiated in late 2011, began Yongguk, who took the role of leader in a group of boy band BAP He signed a contract TS Entertainment. Yong made ​​his solo debut on 11/8/2011 with the single "I Remember", a duet with Yang Yo-sub. Himchan, multi-instrumentalist ulzzang, a second member BAP introduced through MTV, "The Show" as MC. And lastly, on 23/11/2011, Zelo, the third member of boyband BAP introduced, was introduced as a member of Bang & Zelo with other members, Yong Guk.

MTV Korea called the boyband BAP as a "versatile group". In live performances BAP, Yun Yeol of Korean Star News commented, "They prove what they show on stage is very typical. Boyband group BAP perfect, powerful charisma and speed rap Zelo is in perfect harmony.

Sounds and Young Dae Hyun Jae nice to make them reach the climax. Boyband BAP move aggressively, their appearance is very intense. Even groups of singers have to pay attention to them. "In addition, Nancy Lee writes" It seems that BAP has established himself among the pretty-boy boy band that is currently dominating the K-Pop with a bad boy image.

Each album has a BAP rabbit symbol on the cover. BAP Boyband mascot name is "Matoki," short for "Mask wearing Tokki" (rabbit in Korean). On June 11, Matoki reflect the personality of the members revealed it on Facebook boyband BAP.

First Sensibility is BAP's first studio album The album entered the Top 10 Hip Hop Albums Chart at iTunes on Wednesday, February 5, 2014. TS Entertainment Group care is ranked ranked first in Japan, Norweigia, Canada, and Sweden. Not only that, the BAP also ranked second in the USA, the UK, and Finland.

This is the second time the BAP successfully dominate iTunes. In 2012, their debut song Warior also dangle the same position after release. BAP provide a softer concept with their 1004 song (Angel). The next agenda, BAP will hold a concert in Seoul on March 8 to 9.
Best Absolute Perfect (BAP) King of iTunes 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta Chain Best Absolute Perfect (BAP) was selected as the most creative boyband this year. Yong Guk, Zelo and his colleagues will receive th...

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