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Music area is one of the cirri characteristic of a particular region and performed with a particular language that is becoming popular because it is often sung by the local community as well as other msyarakat. In the music area is sometimes difficult to determine who the original composer. In the sense that much easier, folk songs or music of this region similar to the national anthem, it's just the position of local track is narrower than the national anthem. In the regional events, folk songs are often sung to the accompaniment of dances, costumes, and various kinds of music instrument.
In the development of local music to this increasingly shrinking demand, only a few are still engaged and studying music in particular areas lsgu their own areas. This is possible because the development of music that is growing rapidly into a modern music. Actually music this area has a typical cirri very special. Music area is a rich culture of a particular area that has the feel or color found overallocted music is thick and of high artistic value.
For there shall be a balance it is appropriate that we as the next generation retains this cultural richness, although in line * with the development of other types of music. If we understand the art of our region would not have let it happen on the music area each of us, it is also to avoid an act of other parties who want to do more than just a popularization of folk songs, but claiming or hijack it. So, wealth is not just a treasure that is financial but the nation has a wealth of cultural treasures, one of which is the art of local music.
Samuel Kurnianta
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