Tips and Tricks Guitar Tuning

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Guitar tune is an essential part of playing the guitar, as if when playing the guitar strings with other strings do not fit will not be good at hearing. Need to note that the standard tones on the guitar strings without being pressured is E, A, D, G, B, E.

There are several ways you can do to tune a guitar, among others:
  1. With the loss (feeling) 
  2. By equating the guitar strings directly to the ringing sound of the piano / organ and other musical instruments.
  3. With a tuning fork.
  4. Or, now you can use the tuner in the form of hardware or software.
Well, in this discussion I will explain guitar tuning using hearing (feeling), because this way is easier, practical, and can train your hearing to tunes on the guitar.

But the guitar tuning we have to be careful so that the strings do not break up, here's how:
  1. Rotate the strings first, not too tight / tense because the string is most easily broken.
  2. After it came out on strings 1 (loss string) sound, likened to press the strings 2 in column 5 and the two strings sound the same.
  3. Strings 2 (loss string) emitted and likened her voice to column 4 on the strings 3.
  4. Strings 3 (loss strings) and equated with voice sounded with 4 strings in column-5.
  5. The string 4 (loss string) emitted and likened her voice to five strings by pressing the strings in column 5.
  6. The string 5 (loss string) emitted and likened its sound to the sound of the strings 6 in column 5.

Then you try to play a chord or more, eg chords A, D, or C. Listen to the voice of your guitar strings, if your guitar sounds just right it will sound harmonious. If it does not sound good or discordant then you can repeat the strings still sounded discordant

Ok, Good practice...
Samuel Kurnianta
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