The Scale/ Scales

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On some songs we can find the same tone high and there are not because of the distance between the notes is not the same. In the music world there are 7 basic tone is always repeated, namely: C, D, E, F, G, A, B or often called the scales.

These neutral tone composition: C - D - E - F - G - A - B - C
The division Appliances Tone: 

C -- D -- E - F -- G -- A -- B – C
    1     1     ½    1     1      1     ½ 

Scales can be divided into 3, among others:

  1. Major scale
  2. Minor Tones Stairs
  3. Chromatic Tones Stairs
So the composition of tones Major Appliances:

Major scale in music or guitar is a form scales in order 1-1-1/2-1-1-1-1/2 scale. Generally the tone scale is presented in the form of the seven diatonic tones. It also can describe one octave.

So the composition of minor tone Appliances:
By using C as the principal tone (root) then a C Minor scales will form the octave into: CD-Eb-FG-Ab-Bb-C
The pattern repeated for the next octave, higher or lower. Minor scales identical to Aeolian, which can express sadness or depressed

The tone chromatic arrangement Appliances:
On the chromatic scales, tone raised half a tone or lowered half a tone. The tone is raised 1/2 called Kruis (#), for example, on scales C increased 1/2 being C #.
Tone down 1/2 called Mol (b), D misalnua tone lowered to Db
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