Time Signature 4/4

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In the songs (popular), time signatures that we often encounter is a sign that measures of 4/4. Rhythm Rock'n Roll, Bossanova, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, etc. are some examples of the marked rhythm measures of 4/4.
In material form and note values ​​that note as described above notation is a quarter note. In bars above there are four quarter notes, if denoted are:
Songs marked with bars 4/4 when aggregated in one measure has four quarter notes. It does not mean in any time signatures in one song only terdapt not sepempat but can consist of eighth notes, sixteenth, half, or full notes. Let's look at the bars to this:
Not in bar consists of two kinds of notes are eighth notes and half notes.
Mathematically equal to: ? +? +? +? = ¼ + ¼

In the second bars are half tones: ½ = ¼ + ¼
Thus the two bars into an analyzed also contained four quarter notes. In the next barline although the shape and value of the notes is different from the first and second bars but when analyzed not sure there are four intersections.
Last time signatures are full notes/ intact. In time signatures 4/4 time signatures are half term (half bar).
Samuel Kurnianta
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