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john lennon legend 2013John Lennon is the best singer of all time. How fierce does John Lennon, so it can be so influential in the world of popular music? And if you listen, the leader of the Beatles sound is not so special, maybe even mediocre. If seen, there are many singers who have a more powerful vocal quality and remarkable than John Lennon. On the other hand, the vocals became the standard main advantages Lennon. No less than Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Bono of U2, Oasis Liam Gallagher, Neil Young, Stiven Tyler Aerosmith, Lady Gaga and some other singers are so influenced by Lennon. Most of the other musicians and make Lennon was such a role model in music. Both of lifestyle, vocal styles and musical innovations.

Because of its impact with John Lennon, some musicians to make a tribute to Lennon. As Freddie Mercury made a song called "Life is Real". This song is purposely made Freddie Mercury with Queen in honor of John Lennon, which have affected the Queen to become a great band. Some songs Queen, also deliberately similar to Lennon's song creation. Queen fans would know this. Let us refer to Best John Lennon Solo Songs.

Have you heard "Do not Look Back in Anger" from Oasis ...? Consider the best intro song is owned by Oasis. And you will get a feel of "Imagine" in there, just a typical Lennon piano sound. Beatles fans certainly will not be foreign to listen to this song, even when heard from the beginning to the end of the song. In addition, "Imagine" nuances "Something", "Hey Jude" and "Watching the Wheels" is also on this track. When Lennon sang "Imagine", he had the idea that inner longing for a world peace is a real thing and can be realized, and "Imagine" sung by bravery.

One of the major advantages in singing Lennon is, he was able to demonstrate the quality of sound in a variety of contexts, including the four songs above. "The more he developed as a writer, he was Able to show his voice in various contexts". In fact, his time with The Beatles, Paul McCartney not be as good as Lennon in terms of appreciation of the song. Maybe it's the influence of Kurt Cobain, so he prefers Lennon than McCartney.

Try listening to "I'm Only Sleeping". In this song, Lennon sings a sleepy exactly as he lay in bed. The song also became one of the top vocal appreciation of the greatness of John Lennon. While telernya vocals on "Lucy in the Sky with Diamond" (Sgt Pappers Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967), is really second to none. Yes, this song is telling about Drugs. Appreciation on the song "I'm So Tired" is also amazing, he was shouting and singing like a very exhausted. But a soft voice that sounds coherent with piano also Appears on the song "Oh My Love" to the make anyone who listens washed away the atmosphere of love song full of mystery.

In the song "Mother" Lennon wants him to express his pain. Mother / You had me / But I never had you. "It's a crushing depiction that stays with you forever. He screamed with rage. Mama dont go / Daddy come home. When Lennon sang "Jealous Guy", he's like a lonely and alone. He also pointed out by the whistling of hope and dreams of the past. "I was dreaming of the past / and my heart was beating fast wast / i Began to lose control / i Began to lose control / i did'n hart mean to you / I'm sorry that / a made you cry / i did ' n wont to hurt you / I'm just a jealous guy ".

Tremendous appreciation, it also indicated Lennon in his classic song "Strawberry Fields Forever". John Lennon was recalled her childhood when she sang this song. As a child, Lennon often played in a park near his home in the Salvation Army Woolton called 'Strawberry Field'. At Strawberry Fields Forever, she sang with a sad voice as he recalls his past bleak and full of dreams. He always told the truth. He felt he had the right to talk about anything. No one understands exactly how he was doing, according to Lennon did what he felt and what he said.

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