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Rock Concert

Music, musicians and fans of rock music as to be willing to get stigmatized as troublemakers , junkies and various generalizations given by the parents , politicians and parties who are not pleased with the music and culture contained in the subculture of rock , metal , punk skinhead or even reggae. Common assumption is painful for those who reject the stigma of rock , though he was an environmentalist , wildlife or vegan - vegetarian. But rock musicians and music lovers who have lost positive behavior when any music concert that took place which resulted in violence . Here is a summary of the bloody rock concert :

Family Values ​​Tour - 2006
A chaos occurs in Concert Family Values ​​Tour July 6, 2006 when hip metal band Korn begin performances at HiFi Buys Amphitheater Atlanta , Georgia . But actually since the early symptoms of unrest has been seen , let alone an audience of several thousand began to visibly intoxicated and hostile to each other . Even when the Deftones were getting ready to perform , the two men got into a fight in the audience crowd.

Based on newspaper circulation, fights sparked by Michael Scott Axley who stole a hat belonging Andy Richardson . But other news Axley said Richardson asked to keep his attitude because nearby there are women who are pregnant , in addition Axley also provoked a small child . And finally they both got into a fight , Axley did not receive treatment and request that Richardson began to hit him . This triggered a mass brawl around to engage beat Richardson to death . As a result of these events , Axley was jailed for 10 years over the violence , and it seems like cap that triggers this fight.

San Bernardino Punk Riot - 2006

Skinhead subculture since birth has two camps were quarreling and may not be incorporated . There are wing pro - racist and anti - racist , and this incident was a crack that led to chaos in a Punk Riot concert held in San Bernadino , California , at the National Orange Shown Event Center 2006. Spark hostilities have occurred outside the concert arena , preceded by neo - Nazi skinheads to anti - racist . Even the skinheads of the anti - racist skinheads shouting slogans hunt " white power " into the crowd of spectators . spectator even the most anti - racism also joined neo-Nazi skinheads pelted with objects around him . Lucky skinheads who hunted the masses can be protected and secured by the security forces the concert , so the anger of the other skinheads punkrocker and can be muted.

But the security forces apparently did not pay attention to more observant , because not long after some anti - racist skinhead circles are already angry throng and breaking safety fence . They also managed to get a neo - Nazi skinhead who is still young , and stabbed him . He died from stab wounds many medical officers were scrambled to rescue those poor bald young man . While security officers firmly and deftly dispels the masses who have no control anymore . Approximately 1,500 mass in it is punkrocker and skinheads , jump out arena concerts.

Outside the arena they are still disappointed and angry with the express rioting , smashing shops and homes around the arena concert . The riots resulted in the two spectators were seriously injured , the police had four people . 12 rioters were recovered , and loss of material due to the unrest worth 500,000 U.S. dollars.

Marilyn Manson - 2003

Wherever Marlyn Manson performing , he always doing things controversial , sensational and or taboo . And that his actions were done when he hold a concert in the event Freakers Ball in Kansas City , Missouri , October 30, 2003 . After completing two songs , urged an audience of 12,000 and managed to break the security fence , even the officers could not do anything about it . Marlyn appearance eventually terminated early by the organizers.

When some of the audience left the concert area in an orderly and peaceful , but not with 2,000 spectators were still upset and angry due to discontinuation of Marlyn concert . They were raging in the concert area , throwing bottles filled with urine , destroying objects around him . Security party concert immediately contact polisiuntuk prevent further damage . Thousands of police arrived armed with rubber truncheons , shields , pepper spray . As a result of this riot injured seven people in the audience , one person was arrested and nine police cars and property around the arena concert badly damaged.

Pearl Jam at Roskilde - 2000

Roskilde Festival held in Denmark in 2000 ended tragically , nine fans were confirmed dead when the Seattle band Pearl Jam perform on stage Orange show. The cause of death may be due to lack of oxygen , in other words, nine people died suffocated by the crowd's insistence numbering tens of thousands . About 45 minutes after the Pearl Jam onstage , the crowd of spectators who thronged the number around 50,000 starts and move forward . As a result, the audience that was in the front row to fence forced to distressed security.

There are choked and fell crushed , some are one part of his body into the fence and wedged gap , panic and anxiety speed up air requirements are not optimal . So that those in the front row in particular are experiencing shortness of breath due to crowding. The main cause of unrest Rodskilde is still debated, it is concerned that when the rain fell quite heavy . Thus causing a muddy arena , and drug use among the audience , the security is not good , to the use of the security fence that is not good . Whatever the cause , this tragic incident makes Pearl Jam empathize deep enough.

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