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rock music
Until now no one has been able to precisely define the term popular. Some even feel the definition will actually confusing. This paper is not about to explain the answer or, yet it defines what rock music, but will only be seen in a simple few elements that might affect the definition.

Literal definition of rock music is very problematic. According to Collins Cobuild English Dictionary, rock music is a type of music that has the tone simple and fast beat, played and sung by a group of people with electric guitars and drums . Of course this definition denied many people, including me.

There is much more understanding about this term. There is a mark based on the characteristics of sound, some are just contrasts with pop music, there is even more emphasis on defining rock musical based on the process of making music, the spirit of the creator of the music , or the lyrics contained .

Through this article, I want to invite us together try to approach rock music with a definitive historical look at some examples of these legendary musicians , then look for similarities they have.

Elvis Presley from Tenessee, powerful music icons in the middle of 1950. Through Elvis , rock -shaped musical instrument that is based on a tradition of guitar music by mixing whites and blacks , blues , gospel music , and country .

The Beatles from Liverpool , music groups in the 60s with the basic format ; drums , double guitar , bass , and vocal harmony duo . The Beatles managed to popularize British music in America until the legendary all over the world until now .

Bob Dylan from Minnesota , also appeared in the 60s . In addition to carrying the rock and roll that is close to the people , it also involves an element of urban politics and arrogance in his lyrics . This causes the ideologically influential music listeners , especially young people at that time .

Jimi Hendrix of Seattle , who was present at the end of the 60s , it gave rise to rock music as a category that is much more specific . With innovative guitar improvisation , he also introduced that the amplifier is an important instrument that should not be wasted . No doubt, will be the instrument of his guitar improvisation Hendrix is a great inspiration for explorations in subsequent rock music .

Bob Marley of Jamaica , presents another kind in the 70s . Together with his group , The Wailers , he combines rock guitar sound , reggae beat , and spirit Rastafaria . Marley was the one who introduced reggae music to the world .

Public Enemy of New York , representing the Rap music , the music that promotes the delivery of the lyrics vividly ( not sung ) , with the addition of digital technology in the form of sampling . Rap music certainly has a long history of its own , but it could be Public Enemy hip - hop movement began to grow until it is today .

Nirvana from Seattle , showed essentially rock music genius . Represent the spirit of discontent over a la punk , rough music and lyrics - clad plain yet poetic lyrics , and a break above the general pattern they deem it sickening moment .

Of course there are many other examples of the breadth of categorization of rock music in general . However, based on a handful of which have been mentioned above , we can underline the equation looks ?

First , rock music is a very broad category of music that each one was able to focus their own definition based on characteristics . Like the music that came to be called Rockabilly Elvis , Dylan as a folk , grunge Nirvana as , or Hendrix as a blend of blues and jazz . All of them have a musical principle , lyrics and performance different .

From the standpoint of theory , rock music is a genre of which consists of the incorporation of various elements . If we trace more closely , it turns black music is the center of this convergence , which then met and to adjust to a variety of other music .

Rock music can also be seen from the use of its technology . For example , rock music relies heavily on the expertise in dispensing sound in the studio . Rock music is associated with the transmission of sound, including the appearance of noise and other experimental process that can expand the categorical boundaries . If judging again , it would be the rapid development of rock music thanks to the utilization of technology adoption . That way , the use of technology also plays a very important role .

Rock music is often associated with social characteristics , especially young children . In the 50 - 60s , this is the major cause that makes rock music became iconic and ideological . This type of music symbolizes the spirit of rebellion and rejection of conventional hegemony , from the lyrics to the frontal appearance of the tercitra rebelius the idol.

Rock music , it will not be discussed by looking at the finish from a tight angle . There are many things that support character . However , the wide scope of this understanding will bring ambiguity also increasingly expanding its definition is not even finished set .

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