Avril Lavigne Feat Marilyn Manson - Bad Girl

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Avril Lavigne and Marilyn Manson

If you do not like the style of Avril Lavigne hair half bald , blame Marilyn Manson . Because , Marilyn was one of the causes of Avril shaved head left. Avril Lavigne reveals that he has recorded a song with Marilyn Manson . The projected track present in the new album which will be released this year .

Collaboration are both contained in a song called " Bad Girl " , Avril Lavigne described as one of the subjects of the "heavy " in the album . " This album is very different and there are elements of pop - rock , and piano ballads with the orchestra . "

" I have a heavy song sung with Marilyn Manson titled ' Bad Girl ' , and there 's ' Hello Kitty ' , which is not the type of song I've ever written before , " said Lavigne .

Meanwhile Marilyn Manson is still in the recovery phase after falling on stage in February . While the back will hold a concert in Jakarta in March 2014.

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Avril Lavigne Feat Marilyn Manson - Bad Girl - written by Samuel Kurnianta , published at 4:50 PM, categorized as Music News , Rock'n Roll . And have 0 comments
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