SISTAR - Entered Top Chart in Korea

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korean girlband sistar

Sistar is the origin girlband Seoul, South Korea that consists of four members, namely Hyorin, Bora, Soyu and Dasom. This girlband work under Starship Entertainment label. Sistar fans usually familiarly called by name STAR1's. The initial formation of this band is when the JYP Entertainment audition to form a new band. The leader. Hyorin had auditioned twice mengaikuti until he finally accepted as one of the talented musicians. Initially he planned to make his debut in a trio group together and Jieun Secret Missa Min. However, the plan failed because he was removed from the label.

Once removed from the label JYP Entertainment, he was trying to audition at Starship Entertainment. Apparently luck on his side because he was finally accepted by the label. Eventually he combined with the other members and formed Sistar.

After it was featured in Ceci magazine on March 19, 2010, Sistar finally debuted their first EP entitled Push Push. The single was officially released on June 1, 2010. Turns welcome from the fans can be quite enthusiastic. They even had collaborated with Super Junior. Sistar finally managed to show their debut on Music band on June 4, 2010.

SISTAR's Hyorin shine in the world of music with his new work spawned. Through the single titled Lonely, Hyorin began ruling in the Kpop world. Apparently, the song makes a public interest turned to Hyorin. Because Lonely infiltrating in Korea's top music charts to be in the first position. No kidding, Hyorin dominated the charts 9 best, in the country ginseng.

In addition to the work of a single, Hyorin is also launching a new album titled 26 November Love & Hate. The album is regarded as self-evident as our Hyorin singer who has vocal skills capable. Hyorin admit if he was singing with feelings of pleasure. It's much easier to load the song himself and pulled all her vocal abilities.

Hyorin modeled after music legend Stevie Wonder as a role model. "When saw Stevie Wonder sing with happiness. Halitu can be seen on his face, "said Hyorin.

Hyorin is never tasted carry deadly duo with Stevie Wonder in the event MNet Asian Music Awards 2013 that took place recently. Hyorin and Stevie Wonder sing the old song entitled I Just Called To Say I Love You.
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