SNSD and SHINee won the Popularity Award Cup 2014

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SNSD and SHINee compact as in the problem of popularity. Because they both took home trophies Popularity Award in the Golden Disk Awards 2014. If SNSD can Popularity Award for their song, the SHINee can Popularity Award for their album. SNSD are releasing an album in the past year I Got A Boy rocked the music world as if directly with their song of the same name with their album. There is so much to listen to their songs and buy their albums, even it continues until the end of 2013.

SHINee while producing two albums in sequence also stole a lot of attention from the fans and music lovers Korea. Even SHINee can beat SNSD in the case of the highest album sales in 2013 ago. That album Dream Girl: Misconception of you & Why So Serious?: Misconceptions of Me.

SHINee successfully won the award in the Mnet 20's Choice Awards. For the category of music, SHINee won the European Cup 20's Performance beat Shinhwa, Girls' Generation, 4Minute and Sistar. Although not winning in the category of 20's Performance, Shinhwa Sistar and also won the award. Shinhwa's 20 wins and 20 mwave Global Star girlband singer's voice while "Give It To Me" won the 20's Online Music.

Meanwhile, the newly Infinite comeback with the song "Destiny" has been awarded Best Global Touring Artist. Other winners in the music categories Verbal Jint (20's Hot Rapper), Daybreak (20's Hot Band), Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young (Hot Cover Music) and Cho Yong Pil (20's Record).

SNSD wins Song Popularity Award along with Kim Roy. While the album won the Popularity Award SHINee along with BEAST. In addition, SNSD and SHINee also won the Disk Bonsang for their album. But SHINee is superior in the acquisition of trophies, because they also took home the trophy for the category of Asian Ceci Icon Awards. So SHINee took home a total of three trophies, while SNSD took home 2 trophies alone.
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