Origin of Metal Music in Indonesia


Embryo born underground rock music scene in Indonesia is difficult to remove from the evolution of pioneer rocker-rocker as a 70s-era predecessors. Call it like God Bless, Gang Pegangsaan, Gypsy (Jakarta), Giant Step, Super Kid (Bandung), Terncem (Solo), AKA / SAS (Surabaya), Bentoel (Malang) to rawe Rontek of Banten. They are the first generation of rockers Indonesia. The term itself is already used underground current magazine since the beginning of the era of 70 - an. The term is used music and lifestyle magazine pioneer from Bandung was to identify the bands that play loud music in a more 'wild' and `extreme 'for the size of his era. And to be honest, the songs played by the bands mentioned above are not the work of their own songs, but to the foreign bands kind of Deep Purple, Jefferson Airplane, Black Sabbath, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Rolling Stones to ELP . This counterproductive tradition that his name had made history on the national stage. Call it like El Pamas, Grass Rock (Malang), Power Metal (Surabaya), Adi Metal Rock (Solo), Val Halla (Medan) to Roxx (Jakarta). Also log too, which led to the birth of the first rock record label in Indonesia, Logiss Records. The first product label is the third album God Bless, "Ant Black" was released in 1988 and sold up to 400,000 records in Indonesia.
Towards the end of the '80s, around the world at that time young people are experiencing fever thrash metal music. A development of the musical style that is more extremes more than heavy metal. Bands that became his gods such as Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, Megadeth, Kreator, Sodom, Anthrax to Sepultura. Most large cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang to Bali, scene undergroundnya first born of the extreme music genre. In Jakarta alone metal community first appeared in public in early 1988. Community child metal (the term was not yet popular underground) was used to hang out at the Pid Pub, a small pub in the shopping area Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. According to Krishna J. Sadrach, frontman Sucker Head, besides hanging out, kids who hang out there by Aunt Esther, owner Pid Pub, given the opportunity to get a gig there. Every night of the week there is usually always a live show of the new bands in the Pid Pub and most bands that carry the rock or metal music.
Bands who often hangs out at the scene Pid Pub, among others Roxx (Metallica & Anthrax), Sucker Head (Education & Sepultura), Commotion Of Resources (Exodus), painfull Death, Rotor (Author), Razzle (GN'R) , husky (DRI and MOD), Undertakers, Mortus to Alien Scream (Obituary). Some of the bands on the next trip that splitting into many new bands. Commotion Of Resources was the forerunner sap gothic metal band, while the rough is old embryo death metal band Alien Scream. Additionally Oddie, painfull Death vocalist subsequently form Sic Mynded industrial group in the United States with Rudi Soedjarwo (director, What's With Love?). The rotor itself was formed in 1992 after guitarist cabutnya Sucker Head, Irvan Sembiring Sucker Head feels the concept of music was still less extreme for him.
The spirit that brought its predecessors is still struggling old school `traditional pattern ', proud to be the band's cover version! Among them all, only the lucky Roxx recording for their first single, "Rock echo". This happens because they are one of the finalists Festival Rock Indonesia Se-to-V. Get a recording contract from the label is obsession is too much time. Instead of recording, demo recordings can be played on the radio they are happy. At that time a regular radio station aired music rock / metal is the Bahamas Radio, Radio Metro Jaya and SK Radio. From some of the radio is probably the most legendary Mustang Radio. They have a program called Rock N 'Rhythm which airs every Wednesday night from 19.00 - 21.00. This radio station even disatroni directly by the Brazilian thrash metal lord, Sepultura, when they came to Jakarta in June 1992. In addition to the medium of radio, mass media often this news rock / metal at that time only HAI Magazine, Tabloid Image Music and Magazines Vista.
Besides hanging out at the Pid Pub every weekend, children's day-to-day metal hanging out in the parking Retna Pharmacies located in Cilandak, South Jakarta. Some young celebrities who once had hanging out together (groupies?) Metal kids, among others, Ayu Azhari, Cornelia Agatha, Sophia Latjuba, Karina Suwandi to Krisdayanti. Actress Ayu Azhari himself even as his wife dipersunting by (late) which is Jodhie Gondokusumo Sap vocalist and alsoRotor former vocalist.
Two international metal supergroup concert in Indonesia, Sepultura (1992) and Metallica (1993) gives considerable contribution to the development of a type of metal bands in Indonesia. Not long after Sepultura successful "burn" the Jakarta and Surabaya, speed metal band Roxx released self-titled debut album under the label they Blackboard. This cassette album would be one of the Indonesian classic speed metal album of the 90s era. The same thing is also experienced by the rotor. Metallica phenomenally successful opening concert for two consecutive days at the Lebak Bulus Stadium, rotor and then thrash metal release of the first major label in Indonesia, Behind The 8th Ball (AIRO). Capitalize recommendation from Metallica's tour manager and honors the 30 million dollars twice a Metallica concert opening, the rotor personnel (minus drummer Bakkar Bufthaim) exodus to the land of Uncle Sam to speculate. Sucker Head himself recorded late in releasing the band's debut album than their other classmates. After the major local label, Aquarius Musikindo, just at the beginning of 1995 they released the album 'The Head Sucker'. Sucker Head Until now there were already released four albums.
Of such a long journey underground rock in the country, perhaps in the first half of the new 90-anlah started many scenes formed underground in the real sense in Indonesia. In Jakarta alone consolidation massive metal scene centered in Block M in early 1995. At that time most of the kids metal is often seen hanging out on the 6th floor game center Blok M Plaza and at a famous restaurant franchise there. Their activities other than hang out is the exchange of information about local bands and international, CD barter, buying and selling t-shirts metal to plan for organizing the concert. Some others choose to hang out in the basement of Block Mall which happened to be located underground.
In this era of massive hype metal music is loved the more extreme subgenre of death metal, brutal death metal, grindcore, black metal to gothic / doom metal. Some bands are more glossy name in this era is Grausig, Trauma, Aaarghhh, Skull, Delirium Tremens, Corporation of Bleeding, Adaptor, Betrayer, sadistic, Godzilla, and so on. Skull grindcore band in 1996 even as the band recorded the mini album was first released independently in Jakarta with the title 'It's A Proud To Vomit Him'. The album was recorded in a professional manner at Studio Triple M, Jakarta with sound engineer Harry Widodo (previously had handled Roxx album, Rotor, Coil, Puppen and PAS).

1996 also had recorded the birth of the first underground music fanzine in Jakarta, brainwashed zine. The first edition appeared brainwashed by displaying 24 pages and profiles Grausig cover band Trauma, Betrayer and Delirium Tremens. Typed on a computer running Windows 3.1 operating system and lay-out cut n 'paste a traditional, brainwashed and then reproduced 100 copies with copy machines writer's own brother. In subsequent editions of this brainwashed too hardcore bands, punk and even ska. After rising to four photocopied edition, in 1997, had brainwashed printed magazine-style professional with a full color cover. Until 1999 only strong brainwashed rises to seven editions, before finally in 2000 the author initiated the e-zine format on the internet (www.bisik.com). Similar media that is more consistent rises in Jakarta include Morbid Noise zine, zine Guerrilla, Rottrevore zine, zine Cosmic and so on.
29 September 1996 marked the beginning of a new era for the development of underground rock in Jakarta. Exactly on that day indie music event held for the first time in Poster Café. The event called "Underground Session" is held every other week on a weekday evening. Café owned by legendary rocker Ahmad Albar is a lot of geeks bearing and rearing of new indie music scene that plays different music genres and more varied. The birth scene Brit / indie pop, ska explosion phenomenal era 1997 - 2000 to the historic mass brawl between the mass fraction Jakarta to Bandung happened in this place. Gum, The Brain Machine, Stepforward, Dead Pits, Bloody Gore, Straight Answers, Frontside, RU Sucks, Fudge, Jun Fan Gung Foo, Be Quiet, Bandempo, Kindergarten, RGB, Burning Inside, Sixtols, Looserz, HIV, Planet Earth, Hospital, Fable, Hairpins, Naif, Toilet Sounds, Agus Sasongko & FSOP is a fraction of bands 'full' gig there.
March 10, 1999 is the day of the death scene Poster Café forever. On that day for the last time music events held there (subnormal Revolution) that led to the mass riots between punk with people to effect the destruction of several cars and show his teeth in local police disperse the crowd. Poster Café dissolution even beyond expectations delivered many alternative venues for each of the indie music scene. Butterfly Café in Bulungan used ska scene, Pondok Indah Waterpark, 2000 GM Gueni café and café scene in Cikini for Brit / indie pop, parakeets De Javu Club in Menteng for gigs punk / hardcore and indie pop. Lately BB's Bar a super-narrow in Menteng often hired to show garage-rock, mellow new wave punk rock is now being hot, like The Upstairs, grin, The Brandals, C'mon Lennon, Killed By Butterfly, Sajama Cut, Devotion and much more. Among them, perhaps the most 'neutral' and is used only inter-scene Nirvana Café, located in the basement of Hotel Maharadja, South Jakarta. Precisely in this place, last January 13, 2002, history Puppen `kill 'em in a historic concert titled," Puppen: Last Show Ever ", a series of Bandung band's final show before it broke up.

Scene Punk / Hardcore / Brit / Indie Pop

Invasion music grunge / alternative and the release of the album Kiss This Sex Pistols in 1992 was enough to trigger a powerful tool in delivery of new bands that do not play metal music. For example, the community band Pestol Aer Young Offender beginning their work often cover Sex Pistols songs complete with dress-up and punk haircut mohawknya. Interestingly, the next trip, circa 1994, Aer Pestol then change the direction of their music into the band that brought the genre of british / indie pop a la The Stone Roses. It is said that this historic event became a significant moment for the development of the british scene / indie pop in Jakarta. Before disbanding, in mid-1997, they had released their debut album titled `... Jang Doeloe '. Early generations of brit pop scene include the band's Hospital, Wondergel, Planet Earth, Orange, Jellyfish, Hairpins, Room-V, Parklife to Death Goes To The Disco.
Aer Pestol was not the first punk band, the capital city in 1989 had spawned punk / hardcore pioneers who often plays Antiseptic numbers belong to Black Flag, The Misfits, DRI until the Sex Pistols. Lukman (Waiting Room / The Superglad) and Robin (Sucker Head / Noxa) is an alumnus of the band as well. In addition to frequent gigs in Jakarta, Antiseptic also had a gig at the legendary rockfest Bandung, Hullabaloo II in late 1994. Antiseptic own debut album titled 'Finally' new release eight years later (1997) by DIY There are also alternative bands like Ocean that play a la Jane's Addiction and others, unfortunately they could not release the tape.
In addition, in early 1990, Jakarta also print punk rock band The Idiots that originally duets cover songs of The Exploited. Not much different from Antiseptic, just nine years later, The Idiots released their debut album titled 'Living Comfort In Anarchy' via indie label Movement Records. Communities punk / hardcore are mushrooming in Jakarta in the era of the 90s. In addition to Young Offender community before, there are also communities South Sex (SS) in the Radio Dalam, subnormal in Kelapa Gading, Semi-People in Duren Sawit, Brotherhood in Slipi, Locos in Blok M to SID Gank in Rawamangun.
While the scene releases of classic punk / hardcore Jakarta is a compilation album Walk Together, Rock Together (Locos Enterprise), which releases early 1997 and contains among other singles from the band Youth Against Fascism, Anti Septic, Straight Answer, Dirty Edge and so on. The compilation album of punk / hardcore classic Another One Still, Still Proud (Movement Records), which contains the singles from Sexy Pig, The Idiots, Cryptical Death to Out Of Control.

London Scene
In early 1994 there were around London music studio which became the forerunner of the legendary underground rock scene there. His name Studio Reverse Sukasenang located in the area. The establishment of this studio was conceived by Richard Mutter (then drummer PAS) and Helvi. When growing Reverse then expanded its business by opening distribution (acronym of distribution) that sell CDs, tapes, posters, t-shirts, and many other imported accessories. Apart from distribution, Richard also had formed an independent label 40.1.24 that their first release in 1997 is a compilation CD titled "Masaindahbangetsekalipisan." Indie bands who participated in this compilation include Burger Kill, Puppen, Papi, Rotten To The Core, Full of Hate and Waiting Room, as the only band from Jakarta.

Bands that had been raised by the community Reverse between PAS and Puppen. PAS alone in 1993 made history as the first Indonesian band released the album independently. Their mini-album titled "Four Through The SAP" sold a 5000 tape a short amount of time. Mastermind who gave birth to the idea of ​​releasing the album independently PAS is a (late) Samuel Marudut. He was Music Director of Radio GMR, a rock radio station in Indonesia, which often play a recording demos amateur rock bands from Bandung, Jakarta and surrounding areas. Tragically, in early 1995 Marudut found dead at the residence of Krishna lifeless Sucker Head in Jakarta. To his surprise, his death, according to Krishna, accompanied by the song The End from the album Best of The Doors who dialed the tape in the room Krisna. Meanwhile Puppen established in 1992 is one of the pioneers of local hardcore until his death in 2002 had released three albums, Not A Pup EP (1995), MK II (1998) and Puppen s / t (2000). Then followed the Pure Saturday with a self-titled album. The album was later assisted by Hai Magazine promotion. Kubik also experienced the same thing, by way of a bonus 3 track cassette album before release.
A little to the east, still in London as well, we'll find a community that became the epicenter of underground metal in there, Berung Edge community. Previously in this area could stand a lot of studios Palapa raising meritorious underground bands rock body, Forgotten, Sacrilegious, Sonic Torment, Morbus Corpse, Tympanic Membrane, Infamy, Burger Kill and so on. Here, then, in early 1995 the first music fanzine published in Indonesia named Revograms Zine. Dinan editor, Sonic Torment is a vocalist who has a unique single titled "Talking Machete". Revograms Zine was recorded three times and all of the material appeared to discuss contents bands metal / hardcore local and international.
Then shortly afterwards indie fanzine like Swirl, Thirteen, Burning Borders, and others enliven indie media. Ripple and Trolley emerged as a subculture magazine that discusses trends Bandung lifestylenya jug. Trolley bankrupt in 2002, while Ripple magazine pocket change from the standard magazine format. While generally photocopied fanzine is still continue to exist. He cried in Dublin not only advanced extreme music but also indie pop scene. Since Pure Saturday came, the indie pop or alternative bands, like Cherry Bombshell, Sieve, White Rice up to date as the Milo, Mocca, Homogenic. Similarly, the ska scene actually existed long before the big ska trend. Bands like Noin Bullet and Agent Skins have long carried this musical genre.
Origin of Metal Music in Indonesia 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta Embryo born underground rock music scene in Indonesia is difficult to remove from the evolution of pioneer rocker-rocker as a 70s-era pr...

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