Piano Chromatic Scales

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Scales consist of tones within -1 / 2, for smooth motion thumb under the other fingers while playing the piano. In the chromatic scales there are several kinds of fingering, but that is often used is:

1. French Way
If moving the opposite, then:
Right / Left:
  • the two white keys, successive: finger-1 and-2.
  • the black keys of finger-3.
  • on the white keys of the fingers to-1
chromatis england

2. England Way
As in the French way, except:
Right:    2      3      4
            gis    a      ais

Left:  fis    g     gis
          4     3      2
chromatis Germany

3. Germany Way
If the opposite motion, then:
Right / Left: 
  • the two white keys, successive: finger-3, and to-1.
  • the black keys of finger-2.
  • on the white keys of the fingers to-1.

To play and train these chromatic scales, usually just 8 octaves. At the same fingering necessarily unidirectional movement of any note, but must begin with a finger by way of the French, English, or German.

At the opposite motion, if it starts with both hands on the tone D or As, hands move symmetrically, it can begin to train both chromatic scales first.
Samuel Kurnianta
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