Importance of Improvisation in Music

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An important note that must be considered in the improvisation:
  1. Melodies are developed wherever possible different rhythm patterns with an improvised song.
  2. Melodies may also begin before falling in the relevant or appropriate bars in bar.
  3. It is recommended that there is no one measure that was not filled with improvisation, although only one long tone.
  4. The sound of the melody made is the main priority. Therefore you should note sung / played over and over again to make it beautiful, is not monotonous and easy to play.

In music theory or harmony of science there are various ways of writing chord symbols. For example, D minor chord, Dm can be written with the symbol or the harmony of modern science more popular as the D-, or notation frets on the guitar for the guitar to ease the position of the finger.

Here's an example of melody chord scales were developed based on the above song for the first four bars were developed based on the pattern of rhythm that has been written above:
pattern of rhythm

The first song on the bars using scales Islands. Examples melody begins with the second tone is 'd', it's not the first note of the scales c Islands as recommended in the above steps. The pattern is not the same rhythm with rhythm patterns contained in the original song.

Shape and tone values ​​including simple, just use the form intermediates and eighth notes. There is no fourth tone of the tone scales c Islands 'f' is used in the example melody. The tones were played on the first bars are not dominated by the tone in the chord Cmaj7.

This is to avoid saturation due to the notes in the chord is sometimes block chord is played.

Two bars to a series of bars before, because it happened at the bars into two using the same chord-bar chord progression first. First note in bar is not the first note of the scales Cmaj7, but the seventh tone of 'b'. The form and value of the notes no variation to avoid boredom is not one-sixteenth to join the new tone in bar next.

There are signs that mean legato tone sounded to two no longer, simply extend the first tone. There is no fourth tone is the tone 'f' used in these bars. The pattern is not the same rhythm with songs and rhythm patterns there are similarities but more a development pattern.

Bars to three using the tones in E Phrygian scales. Although the rhythm pattern with the first bars but a slightly different melody used to add color to improvisation and is also intended to avoid saturation.

There is no fourth tone of E Phrygian scales, namely 'a' as this sounds harsh tone, just as every fourth tone of any scales. The first tone is the tone used 'd' and not the first note of the scales.

Fourth bars using the same chord bars before. However, due to the previous melody connecting the tone used should also be impressed melodic. The first tone is 'b'. The tone is not the first tone in E Phrygian scales. No tones fourth (d) because the tone is best avoided.

In principle, the development of melodic improvisation, arranged on chord scales. Musicians who do not master the chords and chord progression may not be able to improvise correctly.

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