Vocal Music

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Vocal music
Vocal music encyclopedia can be interpreted according to the human voice. In linguistics, vowel called vowels, it happened because the call letters live is a key element in bringing the sounds of language itself. It is certain that a series of letters without vowels, will not bear the sound that is meaningful to the ear. Therefore the later vocal use in live call letters, as well as the designation for the human voice. However, to remain a dead letter in the singing and the meaning of particular concern in the discussion of the articulation of the vowel or consonant articulation.

Vocal music, musical meaning with vocals sung. Commonly known as the art of vocal music singing. Actually, can apply for the vocal arts who studied vocal intricacies such as presenters, drama and the master of ceremonies. Differences in singing the vocal art vocal arts drama is very clear, one musical, one is not musical. For those who have a desire to be an amateur singer, let alone professionally, not only with the colors sound pretty good, but it needs to have a practical knowledge of music, and knowledge of music theory.

Sing well can be learned by every human being, including for those who feel "can not" sing. Although there are a group of people who say "can not" sing caused by several things such as: a deficiency in hearing, fear, sense of hearing disability (deaf-mute), vocal cord damage, and so on. But the people are just a little bit, the rest is a group of people who can improve the quality of voice with a variety of exercises.

Besides studying vocal technique or singing, it should be noted also how to pronounce the words, breathing exercises, beheading sentences, expressions and some other music theory.

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