Breathing For Singing

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Vital organs that funnel air to the lungs are sound. However, not many people are using the lungs efficiently. Interests in terms of the distribution and preservation of air for the human body, learn to sing it should be noticed and put into practice.

Before you can sing well, must first learn to use the air below the throat. For the past few a long time have to do breathing exercises specifically.

As a first step, someone who would sing to stand upright in front of a mirror, where he could see the whole body. After it was pulled out of breath as much as possible, then took a deep breath in through your nose so that it feels really full. After that breath hold for a few seconds, slowly all the air is removed through the mouth by blowing out.

Samuel Kurnianta
Breathing For Singing - written by Samuel Kurnianta , published at 4:06 AM, categorized as Breathing , Education Music , Sing , Techniques , Vocal , Voice . And have 0 comments
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