Vowel Articulation


Vowel Articulation
Formation of vowels depends on the attitude of the oral cavity, especially the tongue. The letter 'a': not everyone can pronounce the letter 'a' with a clear, often pronounced 'ou' or 'eu'. This is due to the lack of open-mouth position, the lower jaw does not move downward, backward curved tongue interested. Therefore it is time to sing 'a' should lips round shape like a funnel and the lower jaw down far enough. Upper and lower teeth are not covered by the lips, tongue lies on a flat tooth tip touch the bottom. This will produce the sound 'a' the better.

Start with breath that is not too much, then sing 'a' with soft starters, hard and eventually ends gently. Notice at the end of a word, usually often followed by 'm' unintentional when mouth closed. To cope with the mellow 'a' at the time of closing and closing the mouth after the sound 'a' disappeared. After doing the above exercise, how hard it is to sing well if every moment to remember all these things one by one. Since it is desirable to support the exercises carefully articulated, not a burden to think about, but it becomes a habit that is owned to facilitate revelations contents of a song.

The formation and the pronunciation of the letter 'i', the center of the tongue but in the end still went up to touch bottom teeth. Time to say 'i' the corner of his lips pulled back, but in singing 'i' lips still form a funnel, so lips stay in a circle. To see if the lip position is correct, you should practice in front of a mirror with singing.

The letter 'u': pronunciation of 'u' with a narrowed funnel lip and advanced forward. But you should still forming cleft lips round a funnel. Tip of the tongue touches the lower teeth and a little swollen on the back. The position of the lower jaw down to taste, it can be checked by inserting a finger between the upper teeth and lower teeth.

To get the 'e' is rounded, the lower jaw slightly lowered so it is not too tight, not too narrow lips but like a funnel. The letter 'e' in the word 'tape' is almost the same as the letter 'i', to cope with color 'e' to a certain 'i'.

The letter 'o', requiring a round funnel shape lips, tongue position similar to the pronunciation of the letter 'a'. To get a good lip attitude in the pronunciation of the letter 'o' is with words as described above.

All of the above must be trained vowels very clearly, so as to produce a clear sound. The letters will be heavily influenced by the local languages​​.

Vowel Articulation 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta Formation of vowels depends on the attitude of the oral cavity, especially the tongue. The letter 'a': not everyone can pronounce ...

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