Types of Breathing in Singing

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Types of Breathing Singing
In singing, breathing not only plays a role in creating the sound, but the sound you want from a song. Regular breathing will create a regular rhythm anyway, because breathing is a natural rhythm of human life. Type of breathing used in singing are:

Respiratory diaphragm breathing is done by taking a breath and then inserted into the lungs so fully without pinched. The room will be free to tighten his midriff or diaphragm moves downward.

Chest breathing is breathing that is done by taking full breath and then inserted into the lungs so that the chest puffed forward. Respiratory weakness is quickly exhausted lungs hold air in, then the resulting unstable because the air is expelled less adjustable.

Respiratory shoulder the breathing is done by taking a breath to develop the upper part of the lungs, prompting the shoulder being lifted up. Respiratory weakness is not durable and posture less appealing to the eye.

From the above three types of breathing, diaphragmatic breathing is best used at the time of singing. But not everyone can do it easily, go through the stages of a regular practice.

Usually, often in singing is not moving diaphragm, the lungs are not filled completely and breathing shallowly. Therefore the movement of the diaphragm and all abdominal muscles and the body must be trained to hold the tension and relaxation of a deliberate and conscious.

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