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Chord progressions in the song All I am is as follows:
Chord progressions all i am
There are 6 (six) types of chords used in the song above, based on levels are as follows:

1. C mayor7
2. D minor7
3. E minor7
4. F mayor7
5. G7
6. G sus4
7. A 7

Above is a seventh chord seventh chords in C major scales. Each type of chord tones contents were analyzed as described earlier material.

Characteristics Chord

Chord specified in the first bars of the song are C or C mayor7 M7. This chord is a chord I level of the scales of C major, has a tone similar to the scales Islands. In accordance with the above description means the chord is actually not only have 4 tones in C mayor7 but has 7 tones in C Ionian scales. Basically, all the tones in the scales can be played.

  • Sing with vocals or can also use the tool, the music has been mastered. Play According to the notation scales Islands repeatedly up and down direction.
  • Avoid 4th tone in each of the scales, because the character of the tone of the 'rough' and there was less soft.
  • Make the melody of the motif that has been created by The chord scales.
    The first note of the melody is not the tone of the first cultivated from the scales that song. In dorian scales, the first note is 'd', and therefore the first note of the melody should not 'd', but could be 'e', 'b', or others tone. When the first note of the melody is in for the first pitch of the scales, then the sound will be impressed "saturated" and less beautiful. Contained in bar chord is not a chord first inversion. This means that the tone of 'd' is pronounced by the lowest tone, in a format that is emitted by the band's bass tones. If the chord inversion position, which is used as the bass note should also not be the first note of the melody to be developed. This provision will apply to all scales.
  • To prove the above information, try practicing with using vocals or instruments that have been in control.
  • Begin developing melodic tones 'd' it will be able to discern and feel the beauty of his tone when starting to use than 'd'.
3rd bars are Em7 chord or E-7, this means that a level III chord of C major scales. The contents of the notes as they appear on the notation Phrygian scales.

  • Make the melody that was developed based on motives that have been made. Keep in mind that the melody to be made in these bars have nothing to do with the melody in bar first because the song is still in the same sentence or phrase.
  • Avoid the first note in the scales this be the start of a melody, like what was done in the first bars. This means that the bars of the 2nd should not start improvising with the tone of 'e'. First tone-bar melody is a series of bars before, then consider interval within easy reach of the last note in bar beforehand so that the circuit is melodic tune.

Bars for-4 with bars before the Em7 chord. In general, the same as the provisions of the first bars. Although chord does not mean the same melody and rhythm patterns should also be the same but different recommended, both motifs rhythm and tune. This is to avoid boredom for the listener and for the player himself as improvisator.

Bars the same six bars to-5. Provisions are the same as the previous bars recommended on the first pitch, tone association with the previous bars, the tone should be avoided, and others.

7 there are bars all Gsus4 chord and G7. Gsus4 chord is normally used to provide variation before the G7. However, this chord will be discussed further because of its presence beyond the seven types of chord above (non-diatonic chord). G7 is a dominant chord (level V) in C Major scales having myxolydian scales as described above. Just like the other chord, chord also has 7 fruit tones that essentially all the notes can be played. A tone is a tone to avoid the c-4.

Bars to -8 and 9 using the same kind of chord in bar before. As such provisions are similar to Chord, which has been used in previous bars.

To -10 bars are chord C7 / G C7 chord point but the tone is essentially the position of G. His tone made up of g, bes, c, and e.

Barline to-11 there Fmaj7 chord. This chord is a chord progression from level IV C Major scales. Fill in the same tone Lydian scales. In general terms each chord with another chord tone regarding the four that should be avoided, the first note in the melody is not recommended for use as the first note in improvisation, and the level of kemelodisannya so beautiful when played, and associations with previous bars.

At the time signatures to -12 and 13 no new chords, all discussed above. Note melody, and connection to the previous chord tones used at the beginning and avoided tone played so impressed beautiful tone.

Bars 14 in the knock to -3 are A7 chord. Chords are included in non-diatonic chord, meaning will be discussed in a separate matter.

To -15 bars and 16 use the same chord-bar-bar before.

To -17 bars, there are two types of chords are Dm7 and G7. Dm7 been discussed before. G7 chord is a dominant chord that usually moves to Tonika (level I), the C Major chord which is the first level of chord C Major scales.

To -18 bars there Cmaj7 chord. Fill in the same tone scales Islands. Terms improvisation with Chord else already learned before. Keep in mind that this is the end of the sentence-bar song. In the study of musical form analysis, it is the responsibility but the melody line played should not end with the first note (c). So you can use a different tune if they are still a tone in the chord scales.
Practicing Improvisation - Characteristics Chord 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta Chord progressions in the song All I am is as follows: There are 6 (six) types of chords used in the song above, based on levels are as...

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