Diatonic Scale with the Concept of Pythagoras Music

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Pythagoras Music-diatonic scale

Today we recognize a variety of music systems are applied to different cultures. The most basic system is the music tone or scale tones (tone scale). In Eastern cultures generally used is a pentatonic scale (penta = five; tonic = tones), the scale system consisting of five tones while in Western culture is diatonic (he = seven) is the scale of seven tones. Early evolution of diatonic system includes discussion of the concept of Pythagorean numbers and development, the formulation of major and minor tone scale, Pythagoras terzguitar solutions in musical instruments and musical composition.

The theory associated with diatonic scale interval equal to grow with the birth of Western philosophy in the 6th century BC. The Greeks at that time have a balanced excellence in many areas. The basic idea is that their aesthetics and balance to the art they are superior rationality (Bertens 1075, 22).

Pythagoras began his findings on the interval through experiments on a monochord, an ancient stringed musical instrument tuned, that with the media he formulated octave intervals, and kwart Kwint, a way to divide the strings in proportion. The first or prime intervals obtained by dividing the strings into two parts or a ratio of 1:2.

Kwint interval is obtained by dividing the string into three parts, or 2:3, and kwart into four sections or 3:4 (Beardsley, 1966, 27-28) .2 In a series of six Kwint then structured diatonic scale with two small sekonde interval (semi-tone) to the Latin term limma, and large in terms of tone sekonde (Sadie, 1980, Vol. 15, 486).

The principle is the odd and even numbers, finite and infinite. Octave is the harmony produced by combining just the opposite, namely 1 and 2. Likewise, the entire universe is a harmony which is the opposite (Beardsley 1966). Pythagoras's teachings seem in line with the concept of beauty written by Plato's Socrates in symposium.3 Thus Pythagoras has views contrary to the concept of natural Anaximandros that the cosmos is composed entirely of just the opposite.
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