Tips for Playing Violin


Learning the violin is not like learning school subjects in general. Require skills in addition to learning the violin though if the brain is also a muscle, or involve physical labor. Besides, it needs to be a strong willingness to learn the violin because it can not be learned in an instant. It should be at least 2 years for a student to be able to play the violin correctly. Same also like tutoring other instruments such as piano, organ, and so on. Pupils need to take the time to train themselves outside the hours of tutoring

To be successful in playing the violin, there are a few things to note:

The violin is used must conform to the anatomy of the body so it does not cause fatigue or pain in the limbs. In addition, the use of an appropriate size violin will cause the fingers of the left hand, which plays a role in sound production right, will be able to reach the appropriate places above the fingerboard. It will help in improving the sound generated in the production of violin playing. Avoid violin relatively too large compared to the body, otherwise violin yag too small an effect is not so bad, except if the player feel uncomfortable. Consult the right size with your teacher and ask for the appropriate pick. If you buy a violin from a musical instrument store, do not buy the suggested size shopkeeper. Keep abreast of the specified size of your teacher.

The use of shoulder rest should be adapted to the circumstances. Some people who use the shoulder rest feel that the product is, otherwise some people are not comfortable with it. Because it must be determined based on need, not demand the teacher or just follow others. It is recommended to use some sort of thick cloth towel or a thick handkerchief tucked between violin and shoulder.

Find a comfortable space and a little furniture and away from other people passing by. This is to provide quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Adjust room lighting so that the subject matter can be seen clearly. Adjust the room temperature from getting too cold or too hot. Avoid practicing outdoors, because the wind will blow training materials, or the sound will cause impaired concentration. Besides practicing in open spaces cause the player can not hear the sound of the violin itself well finger so that the control is not effective.

Your success depends on how teachers teach you. Your teacher should be competent and skilled in the subject matter choose which are arranged in a clear systematics. Educational background of a teacher is not related to intelligence teachers in presenting the material. Conversely broad and long experience is the only real clue about the competence of a teacher. If possible, choose a teacher who has been teaching continuously more than 10 years. Consider the following: A violin teacher is a violinist, but not all violinists could be a good violin teacher.

Always practice your violin playing at least 1 hour a week outside tutoring. 1 hour enough time to practice. The more, the better and the faster you master the violin.

If you've learned about 2 years old, look amateur music group which has vacant positions for violinist and join there. Or if the school / college you are sort of orchestra teenagers, do not hesitate to join. Do not forget to consult with your teacher about the music group suitable for you. By playing with others in a sort of orchestral music group or ensemble, will accelerate the development of your game. But it must be kept in mind, that does not mean you are joining attention to your violin lessons less. Les violin remains as your primary place to develop your game. If you need to ask your teacher pick out the game and play with your duet during tutoring takes place.

And most important: You must have a strong motivation to learn the violin. Motivate yourself to learn the violin is considered an investment for the future. Practical skills such as playing the violin is helping us in the future, a time when the knowledge gained in formal education (schools) do not help us much. Besides, would not it be better to have a skill than nothing.

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