Miley Cyrus Biography


Miley CyrusReal name: Destiny Hope Cyrus
Date of Birth: 23 November 1992
Born in: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Famous role as Miley Stewart since / Hannah Montana in TV series "Hannah Montana" (2006)

Sweet figure of Miley Cyrus certainly is no stranger to those who often watch the TV series "Hannah Montana". The actress's real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus is known for her role as Miley Stewart aka Hannah Montana in the series that aired on the Disney Channel cable TV channels such. Miley is the daughter of Leticia "Tish" Cyrus and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who was born 23 November 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee. As for Miley has one sibling, Noah Lindsey Cyrus. While Trace Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus and Christopher Cody is a half sister Miley.

Name Destiny Hope turned into Smiley because when small he often gets the nickname Smiley, which means likes to smile. Soon Smiley calls it shortened to Miley. Miley childhood is a cheerful child. When nine-year-old, Miley began to show interest in acting. He then studied the role of the arts in the Armstrong Acting Studio while she and her family lived in Toronto, Canada. Not long later, Miley gets a chance to appear in the TV series starring Billy, "Doc" (aired 2001-2004). In 2003, Miley got the role as Young Ruthie in her first major film, "Big Fish". In the film, Miley became the child of Dolly Parton. Seeing the talent Miley, Tish Dolly then suggested the agency to apply to the Morey Management Group owned father and son, Jim and Jason Morey of Morey.

The age of 12 years, Miley first auditioned for the role in the series "Hannah Montana". In the audition, Miley was not selected because it was considered too young. However, he was then called to re-live audition the next stage. Shortly Miley was chosen to portray the character of Miley Stewart / Hannah Montana previously named Chloe Stewart. Regarding this name change at the request of Miley who do not want to be called by many names. Finally, Disney is willing to change the name to Miley Chloe. According to the CEO of the Disney Channel, Gary Marsh, Miley was chosen because he is able to perform an energetic and turn the character Hannah Montana well.

During play in the series "Hannah Montana", Miley plays a young girl famous singer who conceal his true identity. The story in the series is a little more similar to real life Miley who is the daughter of famous country singer. That's why Miley's acting in the series praised by many people.

In addition to demonstrating his talents to acting, Miley was also having inherited her singing talent from Billy. Along with the success of the series, the Disney Channel and then released the soundtrack album of "Hannah Montana" in which Miley also sang, the "Hannah Montana" (2006) and "Hannah Montana 2" (2007). Even Disney then also adapt the series in a big screen version of the movie, "Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour" and "Hannah Montana: The Movie".

Following the success of "Hannah Montana", Miley then got an offer to fill out the sound for Pennie character in the animated film "Bolt". Miley acting prowess can be seen in this year's latest film, "The Last Song".

Not satisfied with success in the field, Miley returned too seriously pursue her singing career. He has released several albums including "Meet Miley Cyrus" (2007), "Breakout" (2008) and the album will be released in June this year, "Can not Be Tamed". After the release of the third album, Miley plans to vacuum while singing activities and more seriously pursue his profession as an actress.

Not only famous as an actress and singer, Miley was the target of the actor and singer teen age. Miley is now 17 years old was once romantically involved with personnel Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, for two years. After Nick, Miley had been dating for 9 months with a model Justin Gaston but they later split up in June 2009 After the breakup with Justin, Miley then establish love with her ​​co-star in the movie "The Last Song" Liam Hemsworth.
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