Trumpet Primitive and Non-Western


Trumpet-oldest trumpet made from the 1500 century BC and beyond. Trumpet-bronze and silver trumpet of Tutankhamun's grave in Egypt, bronze Scandinava trumpet, and the trumpet of steel from China. Trumpet-trumpet of the Oxus civilization (third milanium BC) of Central Asia has been characterized by a bulge in the middle, not on the content of a piece of steel, which is believed to have a major impact. Moche ancient inhabitants of Peru describes trumpet on their paintings since 300 AD. Trumpet in the past is a tool to indicate the military or religious events, not for art events like now.'' The sound of these tools describe the chaos caused by terror, and a bevy of fools'. Further describing the modern trumpet tradition, with different tones to accompany various events, but with the radio making trumpet look more formal.

The trumpet players are usually from guards, because they must obey what is instructed by the army. The development of models of musical instruments and equipment with steel-making in the Middle Ages and the period in which musical instruments was developed further to make a musical instrument trumpet. The development of nada'Clerino level ', by experts trumpet, will take him to the Baroque era, also known as the'' Golden Age'' of the trumpet. His songs are dominated by songs lgu classic style and romantic, with a trumpet sung by its creators. Unless the key trumpetnya Haydn wrote the tune in 1796. The development of models and the types trumpet slow, modern valves made in the 1830's, corned beef will be used as a single instrument for thousands of years to come, the curve and the straight pipe as a replacement tube or valve key is the first example in the 20th century .

The Arabs called the trumpet with naffir, Spaniards use al-nafir and revamped as the anafil, while the French people name themselves as the trumpet buisine taken from the Latin buccina.

In today's trumpet is used in almost all types of music, including classical music, jazz, rock, blues (type of American Negro music), pop, ska, dance and funk. Among the famous trumpet player Maurice Andre, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Jon Faddis, Maynard Ferguson,'' Bud'' Adolph Herseth, Harry James, Charles Schlueter, Malcolm Mc Nab, Wynton Marsalis, Allen Vizzuti, Sergei Nakariakov, Freddie Hubbard, Lee Morgan, Chet Baker, James Morrison, Arturo Sandoval, Doc Severinsen, and Philip Smith.
Trumpet Primitive and Non-Western 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta Trumpet -oldest trumpet made from the 1500 century BC and beyond. Trumpet-bronze and silver trumpet of Tutankhamun's grave in Egypt, b...

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