Jordan Rudess-Dream Theater, Launch a Music Application

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Jordan Rudess-Dream Theater

Keyboard player progressive rock band, Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess, has launched a music app. Quoted from Blabbermouth, along with his company, Wizdom Music, he released two applications, ShapeSonix and Maestro, through Intel AppUp.

ShapeSonix is an application that allows users to create their own visual and sound and compile soundscapemultimedia. Whereas Maestro is an application that makes user as seems to be an orchestra conductor and orchestra arranges classical compositions. The accompanying musicians are animated three-dimensional character that can be individually selected by the user.

Rudess and explains its application, "I worked with the head of a program for creating ShapeSonix Tobias Miller and took him to the Intel AppUp. We wanted to create something beautiful shape, very interesting and unique at the same time. ShapeSonix is a natural progression from our previous releases. "

"Maestro 3D has a group of musicians who can follow your movements. Our goal is to create something fun and interactive to allow users to interact with webcam her to lead the orchestra. It is a simple application that is assembled by Kevin Chartier and has a repertoire of special-selected repertoire arranged for Maestro by Eren Basbug, "said Rudess.

Previously, Rudess creates award-winning MorphWiz applications such as Best Music Creation App by Billboard magazine in 2010, Best Musical App in the Best App Ever Award, and Best 'iPhone / iPad / iTouch' app in the Electronic Musician 2011.

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