Richie Sambora Biography- Bon Jovi Guitarist


fender Stratocaster Richie Sambora
Real Name: Richard Stephen Sambora
Place / Date of Birth: Perth Amboy, New Jersey, July 11, 1959
Gaming Style: Blues & Hard Rock
Experience Band: Richie Sambora and Friends, Mercy, Duke Williams & The Extremes, The Message, The Next, Hook
Group Bands Now: Bon Jovi
Musical influence: Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Winter
Guitar Used: Fender Stratocaster Richie Sambora, Richie Sambora Kramer Model, Gibson ES 335 (1959), Gibson Les Paul (1959), Fender Stratocaster Eric Clapton (1963), Fender Telecaster (1952)

Cool and good at playing the guitar. It was one of Richie Sambora's trademark topnotch guitarist whose name skyrocketed after the success with the super group Bon Jovi. Before becoming a guitarist, he initially studied other instruments such as Saxophon, accordion, trumpet and piano. After first hearing Eric Clapton guitar at age 12, he was immediately inspired to become a guitarist. He obtained his first guitar the same year. 3 years later he formed a band with his friends by the name of Richie Sambora and Friends. Originally Richie just listen to the music of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and Led Zeppelline. But then he began to feel that his musical knowledge is limited, and finally he began to listen to the songs of Tchaikovsky, Metal Church, and Peter Gabriel to expand his musical knowledge.

Before joining Bon Jovi, Richie initially only played as a guitarist chum for local artists. But when he had finished playing for Joe Cocker tour, one of his friends (who later became Bon Jovi personnel as well), Alec, called him to come see the appearance of a group named Jon Bongiovi and The Wild Ones. Richie was watching and interested in being part of the band. He also met Jon, who led the band. After the audition Jon was very struck by the game Richie. According to Jon, guitarist Richie really true. He (Richie) is not borne fever bandwagon play guitar in the style of Eddie Van Halen is when it really hit almost all young guitarists in America. In 1983, Richie Sambora officially joined.

Trip Richie with the band Bon Jovi finally begins. Richie replaced guitarist Dave Sabo Skid Row were formed. Bon Jovi with his debut album was released in 1984 with the title of Bon Jovi. Success album sold millions of copies is made ​​Richie et al directly accelerate the process of making a second album, 7800 Fahrenheit though ultimately not very successful. Bon Jovi's third album, Slippery Wet Whent is what began to popularize the name Richie Sambora widely. Because in this album are one of the hits, You Give Love a Bad Name permissibility Richie showing very energetic guitar solo. Even the song Livin 'On A Prayer Richie plays sound effects that eventually became the hallmark of the song.

His later albums with Bon Jovi among others: 7800 Fahrenheit, Slippery When Wet, New Jersey, Keep The Faith, These Day, Crush, Bounce, Have a Nice Day, and a few hits compilation album along with music videos and never misses Live of success. Even sales of her albums have never been under number 5 million copies worldwide. It is not surprising that we hear very melodic Richie game always being in the songs of Bon Jovi. Call the number in the several albums featuring Bon Jovi Richie game as the spirit of his songs have always managed to be the all-time hits such as You Give Love a Bad Name, Livin 'On a Prayer, and the heart-wrenching guitar like Never Say Goodbye, I'll Be There For You, and Bed Of Roses.

Results of success with Bon Jovi makes one company plant number one guitar, Fender sign him as one of the artist who created his own signature guitar, named Fender Stratocaster Richie Sambora Models. Such as guitarists brindle American blues in general, Richie was loyal adherents vintage guitars. He himself chose the Fender Stratocaster as his main weapon, but in bridgenya he uses the Floyd Rose tremolo, not like the Fender Stratocaster in general.

Side project Richie among others, the soundtrack of Ford Fairlane, Days of Thunder, and Zalman King's "Red Shoe Diaries. Dikawasan Asia, the song became the soundtrack for the serial drama Beach Boys. Moreover, Richie also participated in a song called Guitar Man that is contained in the album tribute to the legendary guitarist Les Paul and the latest one is the appearance guitarist in the compilation album titled Guitar that Rule The World vol. 1. on the album he played a song called Mr.. Sambo. Uniquely in the song Richie featuring games are arguably not normally.
Richie Sambora Biography- Bon Jovi Guitarist 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta Real Name: Richard Stephen Sambora Place / Date of Birth: Perth Amboy, New Jersey, July 11, 1959 Gaming Style: Blues & Hard Rock Exper...

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